Assault Industries Gets Love At Long Beach Grand Prix

Assault Industries Gets Love At Long Beach Grand Prix

We were super stoked to get an invite to the Long Beach Grand Prix to kick back with Always Evolving Motorsports. We were even more stoked to find that Assault Industries logo had made it onto one of their competing Stadium Super Trucks.

Always Evolving Motorsports Piloted by Davey Hamilton

Above: AE Stadium Super Truck piloted by Davey Hamilton Jr.

Always Evolving Motorsports is involved in quite a few different racing series' including endurance racing, drift racing and stock cars. Their team is comprised of some extremely talented gear heads that have no fear behind the wheel. 

Always Evolving Motorsports

Assault Industries is excited to be working with Team AE and look forward to even more amazing opportunities together! 

To learn more about Always Evolving click here!

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