Assault Industries Gets Into Class 7 Truck Racing!
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Assault Industries Gets Into Class 7 Truck Racing!

Assault Industries Gets Into Class 7 Truck Racing!

Assault Industries is expanding into new territory! UTVs are incredibly popular and fun but as we evolve as a company, it is an ambition of ours to touch all aspects of motorsport. To date, Assault Industries has hardware in use in Porsche race cars and now Class 7 Trucks. Essentially anything with a cage is compatible with the various Assault Industries clamp based accessories. Additionally our steering wheels and PTT plates have a wide range of compatibility with the appropriate hub. As we continue to produce more great products we hope to see more different types of vehicles running our products in the future!

Racing 905 Offroad Trophy Truck

Feedback from Racing 905

"We want to start off by thanking you and your team once again for your awesome support!  Not only sending us your products, but also by having your team members come out to Contingency, visit with us, and take care of the many fans!  We greatly appreciate you giving us the opportunity to test out your products and providing us with your team support."

"By far, we are very impressed with the quality and durability of the Convex mirrors and visors. Typically, we break at least one mirror each race after going through all the rough terrain, branches, etc.  The Assault Convex mirrors held their position throughout the race, especially down the San Felipe whoops and in the infamous "Zoo Road".  We did not have any issues with having to adjust them and they are 100% in tact after the race.  We did not have the opportunity to use the visors, however we did notice that they remained in position after traveling through the rough sections and whoops. They did not come down, nor did we have to adjust them at any time during the race. We are extremely happy with your products!"

Assault Equipped Toyota Tacoma Trophy Truck San Felipe 250 // Baja Mexico
Assault Industries Sidewinder Convex Side Mirror  Assault Industries Teams up with Racing 905 Trophy Truck Team
905 Racing Team

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