Shreddy Lyfe + Assault Industries = Amazing!
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Shreddy Lyfe + Assault Industries = Amazing!

Shreddy Lyfe + Assault Industries = Amazing!

Assault Industries has linked with Shreddy™ to drop some badass new products on the world! Blake Wilkey, the face of Shreddy™, has cemented himself and his brand in the off-road scene and beyond! His Urban Assault Shark Attack viral spectacle put him on the map and made him a household name around the globe, capturing millions of views on YouTube and appearing on the news and clip shows pretty much everywhere imaginable. We're honored for the opportunity to co-brand our high-quality products with Shreddy™ and look forward to bringing more epic products to market together in the future!

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Assault will offer them as well in early 2022

Shreddy™ convex center mirrors

Shreddy Bomber Convex Center Mirror 

Shreddy™ B2C convex billet side mirrors

Shreddy B2C Convex Side Mirrrors

Shreddy Mirrors

Shreddy Mirrors

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