PR: Assault Industries Announces Acquisition by SuperATV
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PR: Assault Industries Announces Acquisition by SuperATV

Assault Industries Acquired by SuperATV 

Garden Grove, CA – Assault Industries Announces Acquisition by SuperATV

SuperATV, an innovative family owned and operated company has acquired Assault Industries, Inc. Super ATV embarked on its journey from the Hunt family garage in 2004 and has grown to be an industry leader in the off-road space, producing great aftermarket products to feed an increasingly voracious enthusiast market.

Assault Industries, Inc. began at a small family-owned machine shop in Garden Grove, California back in 2013. Marcelo (CEO) and Manuel (Lead Engineer / Partner), both UTV enthusiasts, started designing parts for their own Polaris RZR UTVs in their spare time. From very simple ideas, the company grew quickly, making products for the UTV/SXS off-road Industry. Through clever marketing and a focus on the riding lifestyle, Assault Industries gained a cult following of enthusiastic patrons, eager to customize their vehicles with the latest and greatest parts.

In a statement issued on their social media, Assault Industries director of marketing said:

“We have been hard at work building Assault Industries up over the last 9 years and take a great deal of pride in where we came from. Today we embark on a new journey that is both surreal and intensely exciting! We look forward to continuing to develop awesome products that drive the off-road enthusiast community with our new broadened reach as part of the Super ATV family.”

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