SpringSling 2016 in Irvine California – Assault Industries
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SpringSling 2016 in Irvine California

As many of you may or may not know, Assault industries also makes aftermarket parts for the Polaris Slingshot. CEO Marcelo owns a Slingshot has, not only used it as the mock up car for all of our Slingshot accessories, but also as the occasional commute vehicle to and from the office. Its a cool little ride that gets a lot of heads turning. This year, Marcelo took the military green monster down to SpringSling in Irvine.

It was a great opportunity to hang out with passionate enthusiasts and customers. It was also an excellent experience to cruise the open road with all of the other Slingshots, soaking up the sun and all of that wonderful attention from bystanders. 

Check out the awesome video which is the ultimate highlight reel for such a great weekend! 

Video by Paul Sutton

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