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AT6 Member Rolls Yamaha YXZ 6 Times At Lucas Oil Event

Yamaha YXZ // Lucas Oil Race

Recently an Assault Team 6 member contacted us to share these insane photos of his Yamaha YXZ that rolled several times at an event put on by Lucas Oil! 

Yamaha YXZ after the crash

Fortunately, the made it through the ordeal without major issue - Nothing more few bruises here and there. The Yamaha, however, did not fare so well. The crash left the car bent and mangled. Seeing how the force of impact crumpled the roll cage like a tin can makes us thankful that it was not worse for the driver. 

YXZ Carnage YXZ Carnage 2

It was pointed out that the one lucky surviver in all of this was the Assault Industries Stealth Side View Mirrors. We pride ourselves on the exemplary quality and craftsmanship of our products. 

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