PR: Congratulations to Adrian Orellana / Rancho Racing on 2nd place in – Assault Industries
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PR: Congratulations to Adrian Orellana / Rancho Racing on 2nd place in the Baja 500!

PR: Congratulations to Adrian Orellana / Rancho Racing on 2nd place in the Baja 500!

Assault Industries sponsored racing driver Adrian Orellana took a decisive 2nd place finish in the 2017 Score International Baja 500 race. This competitive series features teams that travel from all over world to compete in the event that takes drivers/riders from Ensenada, Mexico (West coast of the peninsula) to San Felipe, Mexico (East coast of the peninsula) and back on extremely punishing terrain for between 10 and 20 hours! 

Leading up to the event the team found themselves the victim of parts failures and poor luck. Adrian, who builds and maintains his own car, spent a great deal of time working with the team to devise solutions that would improve reliability in race conditions. Those efforts paid off when the racing driver found himself in a podium position and reeling in his the JT Holmes (#1950) in P1. Ultimately as the race ended Adrian found himself in punching distance of the top step. Adrian piloted his UTV Pro class N/A Polaris RZR with patience and precision! The team at Assault Industries could be more proud of our #1 driver! 

Statement posted on Adrian's Instagram:

Just an Amazing weekend in #baja 😎 2nd place officially! @dangonzales686 and I solo'd it! Emotianal roller coaster for sure! Fast forward we got into Ensenada Wednesday to set up and get the final details dialed. Tech was crazy like always thank you @kmcwheels for the goodies and the people of Baja just overwhelm me with welcome! Started 4th in class and quickly realized we where not in the winning pace without prerunning. Cars flew by us but not to far along Baja would tell them to slow down. We picked our way around and by Race mile (Rm) 85 we were back in the top 3. Hit the coast section problem free and did the crossover to the Gulf side flawlessly! Had our major pit stop before San Felipe to freshen up the car but the @polarisrzr didn't need anything! We did preventative care and took off. Leaving SF we where in 2nd with 22 mins to make up. Hitting 3/4 mark we made it up and more. Ran 1st for awhile at the pace we felt would save the car and get us the W but it was just a little off. Lost 1st by 7 mins but with a little time penalty lost it by 10min. No biggie we got a podium and we owed it to all my sponsors that got me, right here!! No flats, no issues, never got out of the car! Total time 16hr 20mins of some Thank you to all who believe in my dream, support me and MY TEAM!!! #baja500 #ranchoracing

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