Polaris drops a new 4 cylinder RZR Pro R – Assault Industries
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Polaris drops a new 4 cylinder RZR Pro R

Polaris drops a new 4 cylinder RZR Pro R

We were all excited to see the new 4 cyl @Polaris RZR! The hints started coming out late last month and we couldn't wait for the drop! The team here at Assault Industries were not prepared to see the products that we developed for Polaris Pro XP series vehicles so prominently displayed throughout the nearly 30 minute presentation.

As the launch spread across social media we found that in-person events were held in Mexico and the UAE (Large sales markets for Polaris) with both events featuring Assault Equipped RZR Pro XP vehicles displayed. We're excited to be building Assault products for Polaris and to have been involved with the launch of a vehicle that we are positive will change the UTV game forever!

Learn more about the new Polaris RZR Pro XP: https://rzr.polaris.com/en-us/

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