Assault Industries Releases the Slam Latch Kit for the Spare Tire Rack! December 09 2016

Slam Latch

Garden Grove, CA – Assault Industries releases a Slam Latch kit for the spare tire rack. 

The Assault Industries slam latch kit adds a new level of hassle-free convenience to the spare tire rack for the Polaris RZR! This simple to install kit locks the rack down securely and has been tested in extreme conditions to ensure a firm hold when the trail gets rough!

The heavy duty black powder coated mount bracket installs the same as the standard brackets!

Pulling the small levers back release the rack strikers from the latches; to latch the rack in place - pull it down and let the weight of the rack lock the latch! This kit is sold as a stand-alone upgrade to the standard “L” bracket and locking pins. Pricing starts at $49.99 MSRP; $45 if added onto a spare tire rack order.

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