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Customer Testimonial: George Hammel Crash Video & Pictures

Our good buddy George Hammel was having a pretty great race running in a podium position until he landed awkwardly and went into a tumble. Fortunately he was unharmed and for the most part so was his race car! 

George Hammel

The events in his own words: 

"Flipped 7-8 times at about 60 or so miles an hour, the YXZ held up great and the tie rods are still in perfect condition.  We got the car fired up and ran 3rd for 5 more laps, pretty amazing the durability!"


George Hammel

Assault Industries Tie Rods - Undamaged in Hammel UTV Crash!

George Hammel


George Hammel Crash

The details on this insane footage to follow!

Posted by Assault Industries UTV on Sunday, April 10, 2016


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