Holiday GIft Guide 2023 – Assault Industries
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Holiday GIft Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide - The holidays are upon us and tis the season to give gifts. Do you have that person in your life that’s hard to shop for? Do not worry. We have some ideas to help you out.
Assault Industries Apparel - Nothing says “I care” like a hoodie. Or any apparel really. You can’t go wrong with a tshirt or a hat. And Assault Industries’ iconic badge lets everyone know you’re in the Assault Army.  You’ll give the gift of style and comfort.
Mirrors. You should always check your six. Being able to see behind you while riding is vital. But why not watch what’s going on in style?   The Assault Industries line of mirrors provide crisp images with a wide field-of-view for optimal spacial awareness.
Lights. You need to see where you are going! You can’t go wrong with some extra lighting. Lights are a gift that keeps on giving. Being able to see where you are going is never a bad thing and with Assault Industries’ lights, they look badass while riding.
Tools. It never hurst to be prepared. So you’re riding around on the trail, having the best time and then... SNAP. You guessed it, something broke. This is the time for your tools to shine and be the hero.  Tools are the best gift to give. It’s better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.