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Renegade Products Rebel Pro Red Metal Polish (Heavy Cut)


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  • Professional grade metal polish
  • Anti-oxidation Abrasive
  • Wear-resistant sealant
  • Produces a deep rich mirror finish
  • 24oz / 710ml bottle
  • Ships by the bottle or case (12 bottles)

Assault Industries uses the full suite of Renegade cleaning because they work. We have used many other popular brands to care for our UTVs, cars, trucks and trailers and nothing else cleans and shines quite like Renegade products. We fully endorse and recommend these products to care for your vehicle!


Rebel Pro Red metal polish has been developed with professional feedback to allow for a more aggressive cut than Rebel Red. Typically, our customers who perform a high-speed polish would finish with a Rebel Red, whereas customers who do not high-speed polish would be best suited with Rebel Pro Red. Rebel Pro Red can be used on aluminum & stainless. We recommend using this with a new microfiber towel or applicator pad.

Package Contents

24oz/710ml Rebel Pro Red Metal Polish

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