Honda Talon Harness Jumper

Assault Industries Seat Belt Bypass Jumper (Fits: Honda Talon)

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Features & Benefits

  • Fits Honda Talon UTVs
  • Plug 'n' Play
  • No Cutting or Splicing Required
  • Required for driver's side seat belt harness only


The Assault Industries seat belt bypass jumper is a simple plug-in dongle that goes into the OEM seat belt buckle harness. Most UTV’s operate in limp mode, restricted to 10-15mph when your seat belts are not fastened. When you install aftermarket sport harnesses you will use this jumper to complete the circuit and make the vehicle thing the belt is buckled, allowing the vehicle to operate at full power. This jumper installs in seconds - simply located your seat belt harness, unplug it, plug this in! Thats it - No cutting, no splicing, no soldering.

Disclaimer: This modification is meant to be used with aftermarket harnesses! Always fasten your seat belt before driving your vehicle!


Honda Talon (All)

Package Contents

(1) Harness Jumper

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