Maglock Air Magnetic Connector kit (Helmet + Hose Adapter)

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Product Type: Maglock Couplers, Interior Accessories

Vendor: Maglock™ Air

SKU: ML-MLA 1000

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Assault Industries uses MagLock™ Air with our pumper setups because they work great! We fully endorse and recommend these products for your vehicle!

Features & Benefits

  • Fits most pumper supply hoses
  • Patent pending
  • Strong rare earth magnets
  • Strong on-axis pull force: 30lbs; Off-axis (angled) force: 10 lbs
  • Injection molded, fire resistant nylon
  • Designed in California
  • Made in the USA


If you ride off-road, you know how dust, sand and silt can get into everything, including your helmet! You're breathing a lot of impurities which can't be good for you long term and that's where pumper systems come in! Pumpers feature an electric fan with a filter on the intake and forces fresh air into your helmet. The one problem with this is connecting the supply hose, keeping it connected, if it falls off, reconnecting it easily and finally in the event of an accident, being able to disconnect and exit quickly.

Maglock™ Air is the innovative solution to all of your pumper related issues! The strong rare earth magnets establish a powerful hold that keeps your air supply connected! If the supply hose gets disconnected, no more fumbling to get it refitted or disconnected! Its just works! No more zip ties or duct tape, MAGLOCK™ technology creates a rock solid seal that will only let go when you need it to.

Note: Adapter required for Rugged Radios MAC-X hose and will be available soon. 
- Helmet; hose, pumper system not included.

Package Contents

(1) Helmet side connector
(1) Hose side connector
Magnetic Caps
Installation Instructions

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

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