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**NEW** KC Hilites C Series LED Light Bars


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Assault Industries uses KC Hilites products on many of our builds because they look cool and work great! We fully endorse and recommend these products for your vehicle!

Features & Benefits

  • 6" to 50" C-SERIES LED Dual Row Light Bar
  • Precision reflectors with forward facing LEDs
  • Combo Beam Pattern: 8° Spot & 90° Spread
  • Extruded Aluminum Housings
  • GORE® Membrane Barrier


KC HiLiTES C-Series LED Light Bars feature bright and efficient CREE LEDs with combo 8° Spot and 90° Spread reflectors. Available in 6" - 50" widths, perfect for hoods, front bumper, and grille applications on Jeeps, Trucks, UTVs and more.

Performance Output and Clarity
The C-Series uses an advanced dual row CREE LED design delivering up to 27,000 lumens of output with maximum power efficiency. Coming in various sizes KC HiLiTES C-Series LED Light bars are perfect for hood, front bumper, windshield and grille applications providing balanced and powerful light illumination.

High Performance Meets AFfforability
C-Series light bar features an extruded aluminum housing, aluminum core PCBs with thermal management and lexan lenses. What you get is a perfect balance of affordable performance with maximum efficiency, stability and reliability.

Combo Beam Pattern and Advantages
When it comes to total road coverage the C-Series LED light bar features a combo beam with perfectly angled 8° Spot & 90° Spread reflectors, for maximum forward distance and increased peripheral illumination along road edges.

Designed for Durability
Off road race tested, the C-Series was designed to handle the harshest environments. Featuring a IP67 rated housing and GORE® Membranes, the C-Series is resistant to moisture and dust.

Light Performance

RAW Lumens 
6": 3,240 lm
10": 5,400 lm
40": 21,600 lm 
LUX @ 10 meters 
6": 230 lx
10": 680 lx
40": 2,800 lx
6": 23,000 cd
10": 68,000 cd
40": 280,000 cd
Beam Distance (Meters) 
6": 303m
10": 522m 
40": 1,058m


Wattage 36W-300W
Color 6000K
Amp Draw 3.0A-25.0A
Voltage 9V-32V
IP Rating IP67
Product Dimensions 6": (L) 7.38" x (H) 3.09" x (D) 3.40"
10": (L) 11.38" x (H) 3.09" x (D) 3.40"
40": (L) 41.38" x (H) 3.09" x (D) 3.40"

Package Contents

Deluxe Wiring Harness w/ 2-Pin weather proof connectors
Die-Cast Mounting Brackets with hardware

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