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Renegade Products Rebel Wheel Seal Rim and Wheel Protectant


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  • Safe on powder coat, paint and polished aluminum forged wheels
  • Antistatic formulation
  • Proprietary sealants
  • Brake dust repellent
  • Smells great
  • 12oz / 355ml bottle
  • Ships by the bottle or case (12 bottles)

Assault Industries uses the full suite of Renegade cleaning because they work. We have used many other popular brands to care for our UTVs, cars, trucks and trailers and nothing else cleans and shines quite like Renegade products. We fully endorse and recommend these products to care for your vehicle!


Rebel Wheel Seal is a proprietary blend of sealants designed to create a barrier to protect wheels and rims from brake-dust, road grime, and water spots. With an anti-static formulation, Wheel Seal guards against the adhesion of contaminants to repel brake dust, road debris, and salt. Safe on powder coated, painted, and polished aluminum forged wheels.

Package Contents

12oz/355ml Rebel Beaver Wax

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