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Renegade Products Rebel Savage All Purpose Cleaner

Renegade Products Rebel Savage All Purpose Cleaner

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Product Type: Vehicle Care

Vendor: Renegade Products


Features & Benefits

  • Powerful interior / exterior cleaner
  • Works on oil, brake dust and road grime
  • 24oz / 710ml bottle

Assault Industries uses the full suite of Renegade cleaning because they work. We have used many other popular brands to care for our UTVs, cars, trucks and trailers and nothing else cleans and shines quite like Renegade products. We fully endorse and recommend these products to care for your vehicle!


Savage A.P.C. is a robust all-purpose cleaner that is engineered to clean and disinfect the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This product is best for spot cleaning the interior of your vehicle like the dash board, seats & crevasses that store and attract dirt.

Savage A.P.C. is also very effective at cleaning the undercarriage of your vehicle that can harbor grime & road tar. This is a great all around cleaning product used prior to our Rubber & Vinyl.

Package Contents

24oz/710ml Rebel Savage All Purpose Cleaner

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