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Renegade Products Rebel Offroad Sample Kit

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Product Type: Vehicle Care

Vendor: Renegade Products


Features & Benefits

  • Most essential product selection for offroad vehicle
  • Proprietary formulation
  • Neutral pH balanced liquids
  • UV / environmental contaminants protection
  • Antistatic 
  • Long lasting shine
  • 2oz sample bottles

Assault Industries uses the full suite of Renegade cleaning because they work. We have used many other popular brands to care for our UTVs, cars, trucks and trailers and nothing else cleans and shines quite like Renegade products. We fully endorse and recommend these products to care for your vehicle!


Our Detailing Sample Kits includde five 2oz samples that are best suited for properly cleaning an Off-Road Vehicle.

Each box has products specifically chosen to give the best results to your ride.

Rebel Moneyshot Wash N’ Wax // 2oz

Rebel Moneyshot Wash N’ Wax is fomulated for a dense neutral pH balanced foam that clings to the applied surface. Utilizing cutting-edge surfactants, the suds penetrate to remove contaminants. Formulated with emulsified Brazilian Carnuaba wax, the surface is left with a waxed protective coating. Works with bucket wash or foam canon! // *Dilute 150:1 water to soap

Rebel Rubber and Vinyl // 2oz

Rebel Rubber and Vinyl is formulated as a rubber conditioner and interior vinyl cleaner. Used on rubber, leather, and vinyl it leaves the surface pliable, conditioned, and oil free. Use Rebel Rubber and Vinyl to leave a clean dark surface on the outside of your tires that doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky surface. Also use inside on your dash to help hydrate and protect your interior surfaces.

Rebel Spray Wax // 2oz

Rebel Spray Wax is typically referred to as an instant detailer and is used to make the paint on your big rig, pickup truck, or car POP. Our spray wax is water based and does not leave a film or residue on the surface. Spray directly onto towel prior to application. 

Rebel Beaver Body Wax // 2oz

Beaver Wax was formulated to give a rich and bold shine to your paint. It is effortless to apply, taking only a few minutes to dry after application. Wipe away excess and dry residue with a microfiber. It will provide a lasting shine on everything from bumpers, paint, and even your custom forged wheels.

Rebel Wheel Seal // 2oz

Rebel Wheel Seal is a proprietary blend of sealants designed to create a barrier to protect wheels and rims from brake-dust, road grime, and water spots. With an anti-static formulation, Wheel Seal guards against the adhesion of contaminants to repel brake dust, road debris, and salt. Safe on powder coated, painted, and polished aluminum forged wheels. 

Package Contents

(1) 2oz Rebel Moneyshot Wash N' Wax
(1) 2oz Rebel Rubber & Vinyl
(1) 2oz Rebel Spray Wax
(1) 2oz Rebel Beaver Body Wax
(1) 2oz Rebel Wheel Seal

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