Assault Industries Motorsport Umbrella

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Features & Benefits

  • High quality construction
  • Carbon fiber shaft
  • Composite support framework
  • Opens automatically with a button press
  • Comfortable foam handle
  • Wind vent releases air preventing lift or deformation
  • Easily closes and locks
  • Stows away in a fitted sleeve
  • Convenient carry strap


It doesn't have to be raining to need a good quality umbrella. In the motorsports world, large umbrellas are used to provide shade for the driver while in the cockpit, grid personnel standing in the sun as well as fans and spectators enjoying the experience!

Sometimes the sun can suck the fun out of an otherwise great time. No one wants sunburn and who really wants to be sun drunk and sweaty all day! Assault Industries umbrellas are large enough to provide shelter for 2. The umbrella features a lightweight carbon fiber shaft and composite structural supports which flex, instead of bend, like tradition metal umbrella runners.

The canopy is composed of high quality waterproof material that is vented to reduce lift and distortion caused by wind. The dense foam padded handle has a large spring loaded release that automatically opens the umbrella. To close, simply pull the runner down until it seats inside the tip cup at the top of the handle - an audible click can be heard when the runner locks in place.

Package Contents

(1) Assault Umbrella

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