This is what happens when you run Assault Industries products. If something breaks on your machine, Our products hold it together so you can make it back to camp/pits or where ever you're at. Words from our awesome customer that was running in "The Mint 400" [ shock hydro lock and bend the shaft in half taking us out of the race. As you know breaking a shock on a Polaris xp leaves you stranded cause the tire pushes up into the fender... Well with your billet high clearance radius rod and the odd luck of where we welded on our rear bumper the upper radius rod was now hitting the bottom of the bumper holding all of the weight of the left side of vehicle up allowing us to drive ten more miles to the pit with nothing but a assault radius rod holding the weight of the left rear, yes it may have bent a lil but I never seen any other product even stay together in this situation! Thank you for building such a incredibly strong product and support! ].


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